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Bangle bracelets for your inner animal. Brass, silver or bronze. All parts and pieces are handmade in-house! Each have a subtle hammered texture and lightly patiniaed to accentuate details.

Bangles are back and animals are in. Start a zoo, cause a stir and garner looks of envy!

Approximately 2.5" in diameter. Charm size:
Bronze Horse - 1.25"w x 1.125"h
Fine Silver Fox - .75"w x .875"h
Bronze Rabbit - .75"w x 1.125"h
Bronze Elephant - 1.675"w x 1.25"h
Bronze Bird with Black Spinel Eye - 1.75"w x .75"h

Special orders welcome. (I just did a Boston Terrier commission)

I create in limited editions and one-of-a-kind to keep the line original and fresh. Please know, that you may not find this design here forever. I stand by my work and workmanship. If you are not 100% delighted with your order, please contact me immediately. I will be happy to assist you
© 2013 Karen Christine Eide


  • Brass bangle/Bronze horse
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  • Sterling Silver bangle/fine silver fox fox
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  • Brass bangle/Bronze Rabbit
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  • Brass bangle/Bronze elephant
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  • Brass bangle bird with blk spinel eyes
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